A Noble Cause for Mellem

A beginning

A story has to start somewhere

Anya glares down at the blank parchment in front of her. She was uncertain how to start her story. To tell of the moment she had left her home was boring at best. Or to talk of the various things she had done until meeting up with the adventurers she was now with seemed inconsequential. One has to capture their audience immediately and hold their interest. Not an easy task, especially for a beginner.

She reaches down into her leather satchel and pulls out a weatherbeaten, leatherbound book and lovingly caresses the cover. It is clear the book is old, yet well taken care of. The young woman opens the pages carefully and looks over her entries. As she scans the pages, a soft frown touches her lips.

I met with Talista again today. She is still distraught over her missing son Rory. She continues to draw those horrible portraits of him on the fliers and post them everywhere. I doubt they will do her any good since she has not the slightest talent in art. The portraits are much like a toddler scribbling coal upon a parchment, but I have not the heart to tell her so. I met Rory some time back, before he began his first adventure. He looks nothing like her sketches.

As much as she doted upon her only son, I often wonder if he has stayed away a bit longer than intended only for a breath of relief from her smothering him with affection. Although it is not my place to judge another family, I cannot help but wonder.

The excerpt made her feel agitated, yet it intertwined with her current story. It was necessary to start here. She gently flips the page to continue reading. The next entry told of her meeting some of her companions there in Bellshank. They had come across one of Talista’s fliers after one of them had found an item of Rory’s.

After meeting them, Talista had her hopes up that they would soon bring her boy home. The adventurers had then gone back to where they had previously found a clue to his where abouts to search for him. When they returned, they brought the body of a boy matching his general description, only it wasn’t Rory. The group had made sure this time they obtained enough details about Rory that they would able to clearly identify him when they found him.

Since Bellshank did not yet have a temple, the group decided a simple burial was required. The young human male named Dale brought the body into the woods. He gave the unidentified boy a proper burial. Though Dale was clearly not a cleric, he apparently was a dedicated follower of Pelor and gave the body a descent funeral. Afterwards, he knelt over the fresh grave and gave a silent prayer to his deity to tend to the young soul. As he stood, he spotted Anya leaning against a tree, watching him with keen interest.

He was quick to explain that he had not been stealing, nor had he been the cause of death for the lad. Dale explained his actions in a rush, as if his reputation meant a great deal and he did not relish the idea of anyone thinking ill of him. He openly discussed what his party was doing in town, what they had previously been up to, and what future plans they had. The boy was eager to tell of his good deeds.

After some conversation, Anya set the fighter to a task in town. She had learned of a local farmer dealing with some manner of creature attacking his livestock. The two set out to dispatch the creatures that night. Dale praised Pelor with a shout, then quickly rid the farmer of his problems. He then asked Anya where he could find the farmers so he could assure them the creatures were gone and to assure them that Pelor had blessed them that night.



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