A Noble Cause for Mellem

A simple task - part 3

The sage's dungeon

Once the group was out of the gas and the nausea had passed, they put their heads together to figure things out. They batted various ideas about for a bit. D.W. suggested they place both items back on the statue and hope it reset whatever triggering device was being used, then take only one off and wait a moment to see if anything changed.

With the plan in place, Dale and D.W. stepped forward and tried D.W.’s plan. Sure enough, when they only took the wand off the statue, leaving the dagger in the other hand, the gas began to dissipate. It clearly fairly quick after that.

With a moan, Zephyr suddenly collapsed to the floor. Valda checked him over, declaring to the group that he was breathing. She determined it had to be the pois0on he’d come in contact with earlier A simple task – part 2

Lucien searched the walls for a way to deactivate the invisible barrier. It didn’t take him long to find a small triggering device that immediately dropped the barrier.

Dale led the way down the open corridor, stopping just inside the a bare room. As he stood, several gray creatures converged on him, striking all at once. Three struck him with their weapons at once, nearly felling him. Instead of backing away, he held their attentions while his allies attacked.

D.W. managed to hit one with his bow, but as he went to take another shot, the clueless druid stepped in front of him. Lucien managed to get up close to one and thrust at it with his sword until it finally fell. It took several minutes before they were able to take the creatures down.

As the last critter fell, the stone floor began to shake violently. The group watched with open mouths as the floor retracted into the base of the four walls until a small room was revealed down below. A set of stairs led down into the recessed room. In the center of the room was a small platform with four panels low to the ground.

D.W. looked over the device while Dale and Lucien chugged a couple healing potions. After some careful scrutiny, D.W. determined that there were oddly shaped recesses in each panel, each different. Lucien and Dale came to the same conclusion as they looked at the four creatures laying nearby. They quickly found each creature had a puzzle shaped amulet on a cord around their necks.

Once the pieces were inserted into the matching panels, the platform began glowing. Without a word to his companions, D.W. hopped onto the platform and vanished from site. Valda decided to follow his example and vanished just as quickly. Dale promptly followed. Lucien looked around him and remembered the bard still lay unconscious in the corridor. He swore angrily, then went back to grab the bard.

D.W. reappeared in the center of a large room. The corner in front of him held a small pool of some sort. To his right were several steps leading up to a platform, though he was too short to see anything on it. Behind him was a table with bags on it. What grabbed his interest was the area to his left. He could see work benches with shelves on them.

The halfling headed straight to the benches and looked them over carefully. They appeared to be a chemical lab, with various notes, beakers, preserved specimens, and so on. His eyes narrowed on the white ivory chess piece mixed in with the rest of the things. He pocketed it, then turned around to see Valda standing in the center of the room.

The druid wandered over to the steps to look in that corner, then looked down at the floor in front of her where there was a strange design carved into the floor. She was shortly joined by D.W. who was curious about the platform. He stepped onto the design hoping it would activate another transportation to no avail.

Dale was next to show up in the center of the room. Since he was facing the pool of water, he headed straight to it to investigate. It appeared to be deep, but when he stepped into the water, it was only inches deep. A strange sensation came over him as he stood in the pool. He looked down at his wounds to see they were closing up. He looked over to Valda and called her over, telling her to step into the water as well. Where she had previously been weakened by poison A simple task – part 2, she felt invigorated now.

D.W. had finished looking over the workstation and seeing the druid and fighter playing in the water, he too headed over to the pool. The halfling walked right up to the water and jumped in, intending to swim down and see where the water source might be. He landed on his belly with a splash and flopped about for a moment before realizing the depth was an optical illusion. Pulling his dignity back together, he stood up and stepped out of the water.

Lucien appeared next with Zephyr. He promptly dropped the unconscious bard on the ground, then glared at his associates. The table with the bags on his grabbed his attention. He stepped closer to inspect it.

A large assortment of canvas bags sat upon the rounded surface. Floating above it on a delicate looking gold cord was a plate sized piece of glass, turning as if a steady breeze blew upon it. As Lucien reached toward a bag, a pair of lips appeared on the glass. “Choose your treasure well, thief” it said to him. He hesitated for a second to look over the bags, then grabbed at them. As he did so, the floor underneath the table opened up to swallow the table and all it’s contents. Lucien leapt back out of reach of the pit with five bags in his arms.

The druid walked over to Zephyr and dragged him over to the pool in the hopes it would heal the young man like it had for her. Sure enough, he woke up with a start, looking around him with curiosity.

D.W. looked around him with a frown on his face. “We’ve got the rook. Now what?”



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