A Noble Cause for Mellem


The things we do for a few coin

Shortly after speaking with the mayor, everyone had gone their seperate way to pass the time. I watched each of them head off in seperate directions and have managed to figure out some of what they do in their spare time.

Samhein likes to browse the various stores, seeking out interesting tomes and objects. While at times he sits incredibly still, just watching everyone around him, his mind seems to be constantly in motion. When he shops, I think he looks for things to expand his knowledge. He also has a keen interest in dragons of all kinds.

Kael usually heads straight into the forests with his herbalist bag. I know he gathers herbs whenever he can. Something else I have witnessed is that he will stop and “talk” to animals every now and again. One time, I spotted him playing with a rabbit, racing back and forth alongside it as if the two were racing one another. The hare did not appear to be frightened by the druid and in fact looked to be enjoying the game. At times like that, the druid has an almost childlike innocence to him, yet I have seen him in combat when he is quite fierce and know not to be fooled by appearances.

D.W. is an oddity. I have known halflings and none I have met are as serious or intent upon a single goal as this one. He becomes half crazed when we come across hobgoblins and his mind focuses solely on the task of destroying them. Nothing will sway his mind when it comes to that particular species of goblinoid. As to what he does in his spare time, I still have not figured that out. He will sit at the tavern with a mug of ale for a bit, but when I turn back to look at him, he is gone. Then I do not see him again for hours, sometimes days. While he does laugh at times and jest now and again (plus that whole Tiramisu incident), most of the time he has his defenses up and will not let you in. It makes me wonder what happened in his past to make him like that.

Lucien is another matter altogether. He is a rogue, though that classification does not suit him entirely. One thinks of a rogue as a thief, but he is not that. Nothing is stolen by him from honest people. I have seen him be very gentle and benevolent with the less fortunate folks in our travels. More than that, he is very gentle with children. In front of everyone else, he has a rough demeanor, but it is not the real Lucien they see. Alone at night, we talk at length of the world around us and he proves to be quite intelligent in his discussions. Whatever he lacks in charisma, he more than makes up for in charm.

As for me, I sit here writing in my journal for the moment. I am considering seeking out a blacksmith and seeing if I cannot exchange the rapier I use for something a bit sharper. It was useless against a group of undead we came in contact with not too long ago.

While I am scribbling down my notes, the barmaid Polly has made several excuses to come to my table, most often to refill my mug. Since I am drinking water, I know it is not for hope of my purchasing more refreshment. She sighs often, not so much as if bored, but more as if lonesome for someone to talk to. Realizing that is likely the case, I set aside my writings for now to chat with her.

The second my quill was set down, Polly came right over to top off my water again. I smiled at her and found she was a chatterbug when given the chance. She told me all about events around town and a good deal of gossip. What she had to say was actually very interesting. One subject grabbed my interest in particular and I was eager for my companions to get back so we could discuss it.

Everyone but Lucien returned after a short time. I told my companions about a local cavern where there was supposed to be a small amount of treasure. Polly had told me there were some giant worms in the cave and since the local folk were not adventurers, they had not been able to get at it. She had told me they had not thought to ask anyone to clear the cave for them as it just was minor compared to other things. With my coin purse being somewhat empty of late, I was thinking it would be a good way to make some quick money. My fellow adventurers agreed.

We walked around looking for Lucien for a short time. Since he did not turn up, we finally decided to handle it on our own and left for the cavern. It was not too far from town, perhaps a half hour of travel. Polly had given perfect directions. Everyone paused at the entrance to prepare ourselves before entering.

We were a little disorganized at first. Kael could hear something and forged ahead too far while trying to pinpoint the sound. He was a bit irritated with us when we headed down a different tunnel. Our group still needs more practice in working together, I guess. When I ran smack into a carrion crawler and let out a yelp of surprise, the druid immediately shifted into his clouded leopard form and raced over to help me.

Samhein, D.W. and I used our ranged weapons to fight the wormlike beast while Kael chose to fight it face-to-face. The crawler smacked Kael with it’s tentacles and the druid found himself parylized. While he stood frozen in place, the rest of us took down the creature.

I walked over to Kael and could not resist the urge to pull on his whiskers. D.W. patted him on the head as I made fish faces with his muzzle. Too bad Lucien was not with us as I imagine he would have had a bit of fun with the frozen druid as well. When at last he could move again, Kael snarled at me. Since I know he would not hurt me intentionally, I could only giggle.

We found a second crawler in another tunnel. Once again, Kael found himself paralized as he raced up to the creature. He had decided to distract the beast, knowing it would give the rest of us the opportunity to attack from a distance. This time, I behaved myself and did not pull on the druid’s whiskers as he waited to be able to move again.

Once we were certain both the crawlers were dead and there were no more to be found, we quickly sorted through the disgusting piles of carnage in the cavern for the treasure that was supposed to be there. It was not a pleasant task. Ah well. That is the life of an adventurer!



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