A Noble Cause for Mellem

Enough with the Hobgoblins

Once more, we find ourselves up against these annoying creatures

Still stunned by Lucien’s “pretend” proposal, I could only stand in the middle of the street and watch his retreating form as he headed off to the tavern. It took me a minute to realize D.W. and Kael had joined me, though they seemed to be enjoying this whole thing immensely.

“Let’s take a walk” D.W. said

The two lead me silently down the road, guiding me through the town until we found ourselves in the forest. They said little, just making idle comments about things we passed along the way. Their intent appeared to be to offer comfort through their companionship.

I was glad they were not trying to tell me things like “it’s all for the best”, a silly human phrase. D.W. is a halfling, so he would probably not have a habit of speaking human sayings anyways. As to Kael, a half-elf like me, he does use human phrases from time to time. Yet he seemed to understand my mood well enough to refrain from offering such things at the moment.

At we walked along, we suddenly spotted a couple hobgoblins not too far away from us. D.W. let out a growl at the sight of them. Unfortunately, they spotted us at the same time. Everyone sprang into action at the same time.

I yanked my flute to my lips and began playing a rousing battle song to inspire my comrades as D.W. whipped out his bow and began letting loose the arrows. Kael made motions with his hands as he uttered a spell. Before the hobgoblins could reach us, vines and roots reached up out of the ground to wrap around the legs of the beasts. The druid grinned as he watched the forest come alive and aid us.

From there, it was a fine display of tactics as my male companions maneuvered around the entangling patch to position themselves best for attacking. I stayed close to D.W., as is my usual habit. The halfling is quite good in battle, but I feel the need to watch over him as best I can. Kael likes to get close to the enemy and show them the business end of things, so to speak, though I do keep an eye on him as well since he does tend to get into trouble.

I was sorry that Lucien was not here as I think he would have been pleased to see our group using tactics and working as a team. It is one of his major complaints, that we charge ahead without thinking and do not work together. In this battle, we worked in tandem.

As we felled the first two, another pair of hobgoblins made their presence known. Once again, I wonder at the number of hobgoblin groups we have been seeing of late. I will address it to Lucien later and see what his theories might be.

D.W. moved away from me, bringing my focus back to the battle. He found a better angle at which to strike the enemy. I stayed close enough to aid him if need be, but moved forward to help Kael with the goblinoid creature he was fighting. Seeing me moving forward, he changed to his clouded leopard form and moved around the creature to flank it.

As quickly as it had begun, the battle was over. The three of us stood for a minute assessing our “work” before we looted the creatures for whatever we could find.

Kael grinned at me. “Feel better now?”

I gave him a heated look, hoping to wipe that foolish grin off his face. Of course, it only made him laugh instead. I found myself rolling my eyes at him. Then D.W. was facing me with what looked like a fatherly expression.

“Come on. You can’t avoid it. Let’s head back and find out what Lucien is planning now.”



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