A Noble Cause for Mellem

Foolish choices

Common sense fails

The afternoon, after having seperated from Anya, Dale and Lucien went seeking their other fellow adventurers. After walking up and down the streets of Bellshank, they finally found two of them – Josias and Valda.

Josias was a wizard who had taken an immediate dislike to Lucien which was quite mutual. Something about the mage was an irritant to the rogue.

Valda was a druid who seemed confused about her role as both an adventurer and as a druid. Just days before, the rest of the party had been obliged to stop her from killing a wounded bear rather than healing it. More still, she seemed uncertain of her role in combat.

The four headed out immediately after stocking up on supplies. They reached Thelamar without issues. After quenching their thirst at the local tavern, they seperated to see if anyone had seen Rory pass through. Josias lucked out by finding a merchant who had seen Rory and remembered him. The merchant was able to give details confirming it was indeed Rory. He even recalled that Rory had spoken of pursuing the Salvus Expedition. When Josias asked for further information on the legend of the Salvus Expedition, the merchant suggested Josias speak with the town’s sage, Foxcuss.

Not wasting any time, Josias went secretly to meet the sage. The old man he met up with shouted a greeting to him, then insisted the mage drink the tea he offered. Josias drank it despite the horrid taste as he listened to the crazed old man, shouting every word, tell of an old historical tome that had been left at the town’s former tavern just outside of town. He claimed it had a detailed history of Mellem and there were important details in the book.

Josias headed directly to the old tavern to see if he couldn’t grab hold of the tome alone. What he found was an old building with boarded up windows and an aura of transmutation about it. Common sense finally settled in and the wizard headed back to town to find his companions to help him with the task.

With the rest of the group in tow, Josias returned to the former tavern, telling his companions that he needed a tome from inside and there was an aura of magic about the place. He gave no further information, so the group opted to trust him and headed in. It didn’t take long to realize the task was not so simple as numerous objects came to life and attacked them. A large rug tried to swallow Dale whole as several chairs attempted to slam into him.

I never met the wizard, but found what little I knew of him to be disappointing. A wizard who didn’t simply use magic to obtain the book? One would think he could have used mage hand to simply reach out and grab the book without endangering the entire party. It is no wonder he met his end that day.

The fighter took on the objects while the rogue tried to locate the book. The confused druid watched for a bit before going after one of the chairs. Then the wizard chose to fight up close with his dagger. He repeatedly poked the rug that was slapping Dale until the rug noticed him and slapped Josias instead. He collapsed on the floor, bleeding profusely from his wounds. The druid saw him drop to the floor, but decided to continue fighting instead.

When the group finally managed to defeat the objects, it was the rogue who was first to the fallen wizard’s side. Unfortunately for the wizard, it was too late.



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