A Noble Cause for Mellem

Monsters in my sewer - part 1

Maintenance men are vanishing

We spent the last couple of days in Farseek so I could make healing belts for Lucien and D.W. Hopefully this will help them in combat. I have not seen the halfling take much for damage thus far, but he uses range as his primary tactic in battle. Lucien chooses an up close and personal fighting style, which leaves him open to major injuries. While I admire his bravery, I also fear for his safety. Thus the need for the belts.

In the local tavern, we were discussing how to go after the man who framed Lucien ( The setup). D.W. had been the one who saw the man and his guards mount up and leave Hodgeton. Unfortunately, he did not think to check the tracks. Nor did the rest of us think to go back to try to follow them. Now it is too late as too many have passed through that area and those tracks. Without any identifying marks, we won’t be able to differentiate one horse track from another.

During a pause in our conversation, we could easily hear the occupants at the table next to us. One woman was consoling the other over the recent loss of her husband. Both were older women with wrinkles to prove their passage of time.

“I’m so sorry for your loss, dear. It must be horrible for you.”

“Yes. I have no idea what I will do now.”

“All those disappearances. Somebody has to do something!”

Lucien leaned over toward me, asking me to use my talents to find out what was going on with those women. I smiled and told everyone at our table to be silent, then turned to listen more carefully. Lucien looked at me as if I were daft. I had known what he meant for me to do, but found this a better way to obtain the information.

“My husband was an honest man. I don’t care that he smelled. The work was honest and the pay regular. He earned a living for us.”

“Yes, I know. Agnes, do you think it’s a serial killer?”

“I don’t know. It seems we are running out of men here.”

At that point, Lucien turned to the women with a smile pasted on his face. I knew he was hoping to charm the woman. As appealing as I find him to be, the look he gave them was rather like a shark about to go after it’s prey. The women turned as one to look at him, then shook their heads. Agnes told her friend “Too young” with a sigh.

That tactic out the door, the rogue asked them pointed questions about the men who disappeared and where they were when it happened as well as what happened to the bodies. All the women could tell him was that it was men only, as far as they knew, and the men were basically maintenance workers.

Agnes gave her friend a look. “A few bums too, don’t forget.” She stuck her nose up at Lucien. “You know, homeless people. Hobos.” Suddenly she remembered a bit of gossip. “Oh, that one boy thinks a monster did it,” she laughed. “Says it attacked him and everything. Of course, he’s a bit stupid in the head, if you know what I mean.”

Her friend turned to us to say “She’s speaking of the town crier. It’s the only job the boy could get.”

Lucien does not take well to snobs. He feels the need to put such people in their place, especially when they treat helpless people harshly. It is one of the things I lo….really like about him.

He looked Agnes directly in the eye, “What exactly it is that you do to earn a living?”

“I don’t need to” said Agnes. “My husband earns our living!”

“Ah, then he worked while you sat at home and spent his money. Tell me, how will you earn a living now?”

As Agnes began sputtering, Lucien turned to his companions and suggested we go find the boy they’d been speaking of. I told him I would be out in just a moment as I wished to see if I could get more information on the situation from the bartender. When I stepped outside, I had no more information then what we had already obtained from the women.

It didn’t take long to find the boy. He had his arms full of pamplets and was calling out advertisements for some sort of entertainment. Obviously, people took advantage of his mental state for their own amusement. The kid was determined to do his job and handed each of us a pamplet. He grinned from ear to ear as we accepted them.

Lucien excused himself a minute as we listened to the boy tell us all about the place listed on the pamplet. He was very excited to have an audience of rapt listeners! I found him to be absolutely charming.

When Lucien came back minutes later, he had a small box in his hand. He asked the boy, who identified himself as Dave, if he could tell us about the monster that had attacked him. Lucien lured him into telling us in exchange for one of the candies he had purchased moments ago.

Dave was so excited about the candy, he promptly dropped his drawers to show us the marks on his leg where he had been bitten. We could clearly see the rows of teeth marks outlined there. Whatever had attacked him had one nasty bite to it. D.W. urged the boy to pull his pants back up quickly as we were in public.

The rogue wanted more details about the creature that had attacked the boy. He asked his questions in a gentle tone in the hopes of not frightening the boy. Dave could only tell him that he had not really looked at the monster, just turned and ran as fast as he could.

When asked the location of the attack, Dave promptly dropped his drawers again to point at his leg. Taking a deep breath, the elf rephrased his words. The boy pointed off in the distance telling us it was on that side of town. Lucien asked Dave if he could take us there. Immediately, the boy’s eyes welled up with tears and his lower lip began to tremble in fear. He didn’t want to as he was certain the creature would attack again.

Lucien smiled at the kid. The elf assured the boy that his halfling friend was small and slow and that the monster would more than likely eat him first before going after a tall person like Dave. The boy’s eyes lit up at the idea. With the promise of more candies, Lucien managed to get Dave to take us to where the attack had taken place.

It turns out the spot had been blocked up by the town since the incident had ocurred. A metal gate and many rocks had been put there. D.W. frowned, saying the town obviously knew about it and chose not to act. Kael suggested perhaps they were unable to deal with whatever the creature is. We were disappointed not to be able to seek it out.

Dave nodded to us. “They didn’t believe me when I said a monster attacked me, but they did that anyway.” Then he pointed just down the street. “I saw a man go in that hole and then heard him scream, but they didn’t block that hole cuz it’s for the sewer people,” he panted. “Can I have my candy now??”

Lucien handed the boy the box. Before he could even ask another question, Dave took off at a run, delighted with his treats.

We headed over to the hole Dave had told us about. It had a small metal gate over it and a ladder leading down into the sewers. Lucien lead the way, hoping to sneak quietly to get a good look at the place without alerting the creature to our presence. Unfortunately, we aren’t as quiet as the rogue.

The water in the sewers smells awful and is a murkey mess. I did not ever wish to see it up close, but had no choice in the matter. If my companions could manage it, then I could not be high and mighty about it and remain above. Still, it was quite disgusting down there.

Down in the canal, we found it dark and difficult to see well. D.W. has lit up a sunrod and wedged it between his shoulders and pack so as to keep his hands free. As he moved away, I realized we needed more light, so I have cast a light spell on my flute that hangs about my neck on a cord.

We tried heading down the east passage, but a gate blocked our way. After picking the lock, Lucien attempted to open the door, but it was firmly stuck in place, having rusted shut. He quietly led the way to the southward entrance and just had it open when something came tearing toward us, shrieking as it came.

Turned out to be a kobold, of all things. The little fellow was drenched in blood, though not it’s own. It came straight at us, as if fleeing something, and swung at us blindly. A few strikes from Kael and Lucien took the creature down. Neither of the two wanted to reach into the nasty sewer water to pull the critter out and check for loot.

<< Out of game note: We spent too much gabbing and eating, not enough time gaming, so log is a bit short this week! >>



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