A Noble Cause for Mellem

Monsters in my sewer - part 2

The team learns to work together

The sewer smelled nasty and after moving about down here, everyone sorely needs a bath. I have done my best to keep my clothes clean, but water drips from the ceiling and the floor is slippery. So far, we have all managed to stay out of the liquid filth flowing throughout this place.

Lucien is once again attempting to quietly sneak up on whatever it is down here. With all the liquid splashing through pipes into the canal, it shouldn’t be hard for him to stay quiet. He hopes to gain an advantage by moving ahead of us. We have refused to let him gain much of a lead for fear he will be the one surprised. I think he finds us irritating as we noisily follow at close range.

As we move through the tunnels, we find bodies that have been torn apart. Lucien eyes the remaining pieces to see if the bite marks look to match the ones we saw on Dave’s leg Monsters in my sewer – part 1 .He cannot be certain as he is not skilled in the subject. Still, he thinks this will turn out to be the same creature that attacked the youth.

Immediately ahead, the ledge we have been walking on comes to an abrupt end. Lucien approaches the edge cautiously, calling out to me to get up close to him. I look over to find that ledge too crowded and think it might be better if I simply jump to the ledge opposite him. Then I will have a clear shot at whatever comes out of the water at us.

Anya hesitates to ink the next paragraph as she is embarrassed. To put her humiliation in her story would make it known to all who might read it. Yet was that not the point of the journal? To keep track of all the events and learn from the past? Her face grows warm as she touches quill to parchment.

If only it were that simple. I do not need to look at Lucien to know he is angry at me now. In my attempt to jump, I slipped on the ledge and landed with a loud splash in the sewer water. Now the filth is not just on my clothing, but in my hair and all over my face. Something tells me that he will not be inviting me to share his bed this night!

Kael throws caution to the wind and jumps into the sewer waters. He later told us he simply felt he was better able to take a hit if something attacked us than Lucien could. If something did attack, it would focus on him, allowing the rogue to sneak around behind it. That might have been a good plan had everyone known that was what he wanted to do. Instead, he ran smack into the creature.

A good eight or nine feet long, covered in smooth scales and with a huge mouthful of teeth, the alligator rose out of the water snapping at Kael. In one bite, it nearly crippled the druid. He was stunned at the ferocity of the attack.

While I was struggling to pull myself out of the water on the opposite ledge, D.W. came up behind Lucien and fired off a shot at the beast. Thank Pelor for D.W. learning how to fire into melee without hitting his companions or Kael would not have survived.

I began singing a song I found to be inspiring in the face of battle, hoping my companions would take courage from it. Lucien fired off instructions to us all. Kael withdrew from the creature, falling back toward me so I could help him. I was going to heal him, but as I saw the alligator heading toward him, I struck at the beast instead.

As soon as the alligator was dead, I cast a healing spell on the druid. He thanked me as he felt the healing energy course through him, mending torn flesh.

Lucien looked down the tunnel, then down at the dead beast, and finally over to the bodies still floating in the waters. He wanted to make absolutely certain there were no more creatures in the tunnels. This time, he insisted everyone stay put so we could formulate a plan. He was through with our racing haphazardly forward without knowing where we were going and what everyone else was going to do.

After brainstorming a minute, we decided to use an appendage from one of the dead creatures. Kael was to tie twine to the appendage and toss the part ahead of him. We would wait a moment to see if anything attacked it before moving forward. If something attacked the appendage, it gave us just enough time to move into an advantageous position for the attack.

Poor D.W. had to swim for a while as we moved down the passageways. While the water came up to waist or chest level on the rest of us, it was just over the halflings head. We moved down the tunnels slowly so he could keep up with us.

At a bend in the sewer, Kael heard what sounded to him like a large rat screeching in pain. He listened a moment longer, but could hear nothing else over the sounds of water. He relayed what he heard to the rest of us.

Down several tunnels, we finally found more ledges. The halfling gladly pulled himself from the filthy waters to climb onto the stone ledge where he stood catching his breath. We gave him a moment before continuing down the tunnel.

Around the corner, the tunnel came to an abrupt end. It was a circular area with four pipes pouring their vile liquid into the canal. In the middle of it was another alligator. This creature was larger than the one we had previously encountered, at least three feet longer. There was heavy scarring on the flesh of the beast as it was gnawing away on something, a rat tail hanging out of it’s teeth. The thing looked at us with anticipation of it’s next meal.

We immediately moved into our respective positions. There was a steel ladder laying above the water, connecting the two opposite ledges. Lucien took up position there knowing the gator would have to pass under it to get out of the tunnel. D.W. stayed about 20 feet back from the ladder to avoid being swallowed whole. Kael moved just in front of the ladder on one ledge while I took the opposite ledge. This time, we were ready.

The scarred beast swam straight at the ladder where Lucien and Kael thrust at it with their swords. I began singing another song of courage to my companions as I watched. How I longed for a bow or some other ranged weapon! D.W. fired as best he could, managing to strike the beast once with an arrow.

Then the alligator moved closer to me, further from the opposite ledge. Kael moved onto the ladder directly opposite me from the beast. Now three of us were able to strike at the creature with our swords and take the beast down. It was not enough this time. Kael impaled it with his sword, right through the throat. Lucien then cut it’s head off. There was no mistaking the beast was now dead.

We grinned at each other over the animal’s body. It was the first time we had worked as a team. We returned to the sewer entrance in happy silence.



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