Town crier in Farseek


This poor kid is mentally challenged and was previously taken advantage of by the townfolk in Farseek. Unscrupulous business men paid him in fruit or vegetables or junk rather than coin, most of the time. He tried his best to help and earn pay. His mother took care of him as best she could when they lived in Farseek (she perished in the disastrous explosion that emmanated from Bellshank).

Davey now lives in Kaldaran and has been established as a messenger runner about town. The town mayor Andar Bellman keeps an eye out for Dave, as does the adventuring group, and makes certain the young man receives fair pay for his work.


Dave was recently attacked by what he calls a monster. He revealed to the group that he was poking something in the sewer pipe with a big stick. The creature lunged at him and bit him in the back of the leg. The monster turned out to be an alligator living in the town sewer system.

Turns out Dave and the impossible to find Rory Davis are lifelong friends. Dave showed the group the last few letters he had received from his penpal.


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