Foxcuss the Sage

An elder of Thelamar


An older man, Foxcuss gives the impression of being both deaf and rather senile. Upon anyone entering his home, he immediately insists they share a cup of tea with them. The tea has a noxious odor to it and tastes like a combination of black licorice, mint, assorted herbs, and something you can’t quite pin down. The unfortunate taster of said tea must roll a fortitude save or immediately toss up the contents of their stomache. Yes, the tea is really that bad.

If you visit long enough, you discover the man seems to forget he is deaf from time to time, speaking quietly and solemnly to you before realizing what he is doing and suddenly shouts again some nonsensical thing. While you suspect it may be an act, your sense motive doesn’t manage to quite outdo his bluff.


Foxcuss the Sage

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