(Badass) Elven Rogue - former PC


Dressed in earthen tones, the black haired elf carries two shortswords on him at all times. He prefers to sneak up to the enemy and attack when they least expect it. His attacks are carefully planned more often than random as he likes to be well prepared for anything.


A typical elf in his arrogance, this elf believes an adventuring group needs to learn to be a team and work together, not act as individuals in all things. He quickly established himself as a leader amongst his lesser team mates, demanding they learn to act as a unit. Without his organizational skills, the group would have met their demise early on in their adventures. His legacy will live on.

When last seen, the group was ushering everyone rapidly through portals out of Pendleton as a great disaster was unfolding. There were several portals cast at the time. Lucien was on the other side of town from the rest of the group. It is believed he stepped through the one near him. None of the group knows where that particular portal went or can confirm that he did go through it.


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