Ozol Frostbeard

Dwarven Fighter


Ozol is 4’2" and built like a tree trunk. He has pale blue eyes and a beard that is black flecked with grey that makes him appear older than he is (the namesake trait of the Frostbeard clan). He prefers to wear his long salt and pepper hair in a tail, mainly to allow easy donning and doffing of his helm. He is scarred, with leathery skin that shows the harsh weather, long travels and physical violence his body has been put through.
As gruff as his face may be, his armor and equipment show the type of care that any craftsman worth his salt would maintain. His full-plate armor is plain but well made and kept clean and perfectly adjusted. He wears a worn but well kept blue tabard, with the emblem of his clan emblazoned on the front (a goat). This was the marker of his station as a soldier when he still lived in the mountain.


A small clan, the Frostbeards lived in a cluster of mountains in Dikalor for generations farther back than any can remember. The mountains they lived in were not the most hospitable even then, but produced priceless blue diamonds which they crafted into exquisite jewelry and magical items. When Pelor turned Dra away from Dikalor, other clans fled as the weather began turn turn against them, but the Frostbeards remained, retreating deeper beneath their mountain home, consumed by greed for the brilliant blue stones. Even as the waters of Inverno surrounded them, and crept higher and higher, still the Frostbeards remained. Now only 3 peaks remain above the frozen sea, tiny islands.

Ozol is the son of a weaponsmith father and a jeweler mother, who after apprenticing with both as a child instead chose the path of the warrior. It appealed to his chaotic nature and desire for a more active lifestyle. Not long after he had reached his coming of age one of the tunnels connecting the three settlements flooded, as more and more of the tunnels had done over the centuries. Cut off from their kinsmen, the clan elders sent an expedition to the surface. They had orders to travel via longboat to the other island and bring back word of their fate. Ozol volunteered to go on the expedition as a guard, as there were monsters and animals to contend with in the icy waters.

It was neither monster nor animal that proved their undoing, but nature herself. Not long after they departed a vicious storm came up from the south, blowing them horribly off course and damaging the longboat irreparably. The crew drifted for weeks. Only Ozol, a mute rower named Blorin and a fellow soilder Woldir were alive when they finally caught sight of Icevale and made landfall. They had heard tales of Icevale from the Ollams and the Elders, but up until now had never been sure it existed. The peoples of Icevale had never heard of the Frostbeard clan, nor had any inkling of how they might return to their 3 specks of island. They had naught but the clothes on their backs (and a few blue diamonds, which they would sooner die than part with), but being young dwarves that were strong of back and had the dwarvish work ethic they began to work for various persons within the city. Unfortunately one of the less reputable elements (a gang calling themselves the Jagged Blade led by a towering redhead named Sergei) had noticed the stones Blorin had with him (he was never that bright to begin with), and conspired to take them. A struggle ensued in an alley behind a tavern one night and Blorin’s stones were taken. The gang was brutally sadistic and violent, and before that day was over Blorin was blind in one eye and Woldir would limp for the rest of his days. At this point they decided that just scraping along an existence would not suffice, and they pooled together the remaining stones and gave them to Ozol. Ozol then bought passage to Mellem, leaving Woldir and Blorin to take care of each other in Icevale until he could find their way home.

He began to head north, looking for anything he could find about his people, and hopefully a sea chart showing them how to get home. After lots of travel Ozol began to love the open road and the spirit of adventure took him. He would still search for his home, especially for the sake of his two stranded kinsmen, but whether he knew it or not he had become an adventurer. Eventually his journey led him to…

Ozol Frostbeard

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