Rory Davis

The missing boy from Bellshank


According to his doting mother Talista Davis, Rory is a very handsome, red haired boy. From what information the party has accumulated on him, he is tall with freckles, red hair, and somewhat good looking.

When Rory left Bellshank, he was wearing a backpack with a smiley face embroidered onto the top flap. He also wore a signet ring with a blue stone and the letter R engraved on the stone.


Until recently, he resided in Bellshank with his mother. She constantly doted on him and it is possible he left home to escape her smothering attentions. More than likely, he is off seeking fortune as most adventurers do.

Recent information leads the party to believe the fortune Rory actually went seeking involves the Salvus Expedition

Rory Davis

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