Herb pouch

A pouch for herb collecting


This watertight, leather belt pouch is made for collecting herbs. It has a thick leather flap over the top of it and a knife sheath built into the side. A small, herb knife is tucked into the sheath.

There are nine tiny, stoppered vials that are no more than 1×1″ in size, all tucked into leather loops on the underpart of the leather flap. These tiny vials are intended to hold seeds. They are not airtight and cannot hold liquids.

The interior of the pouch is made of canvas. It has twenty pockets inside of it for seperately storing herbs – two rows of five lining the front and another set lining the back. There is space between the lining to hold whole herbs.

Item cost is 5 gold

Pic of the herb knife below.
Herb derr 58c


Herb pouch

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