Portia's Plentiful Purse

Bag of holding for coins & gems


· Costs 650 gp
· Can hold a maximum of up to 20,000 coins or gems or a combination of either
· Whatever amount you wish to withdraw is what you get when you reach into the coin purse in the increments you desire so long as you actually put that amount into it. For example, if you only put 1,000 silver pieces into it, then you can only pull up to 1,000 silver pieces out. It does not convert one type of coin into another type. The same is true for gems. If you put in a 80 gp pearl and a 120 gp pearl, it doesn’t tranform it into a 200 gp pearl or any other type of gem
· Only weighs one pound
· This item does not take up a belt slot


Long ago, there was a clever thief named Portia Magtow who had a great love of coins. She could never seem to pass up a coin, no matter how small a denomination. The problem was that she could not easily sneak about seeking riches when she was encumbered by the weight of so many pieces of metal on her.

Somewhere in her adventuring, this glitter eyed rogue rescued a great mage from most certain death. As a reward, he devised a special coin purse for her.

She wasn’t all that impressed with the ordinary looking coin purse simply because it was made of a nicer leather than the old, rugged looking one she already used. Still, since hers was filled to the max it could hold, she began using the new purse. Boy was she surprised to find it didn’t seem to get any heavier as she stuffed it with coin after coin after coin.

Upon meeting a vendor and seeing an item she wanted, she reached into her coin purse for the 27 gold and 3 silver it would cost her….and was amazed to find that exact amount in her hand! The vendor laughed at her for only having just enough money for that one item. After leaving the merchant, Portia decided to experiment with the purse and found that whatever amount she desired was the exact amount she pulled from the coin purse.

Portia's Plentiful Purse

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