Game 13

The group put their heads together and came up with a plan on how to get past the statue room. Each time they removed items from the hands of the statue without waiting, it would only reset again and the nauseating gas kept filling the room. They figured they should try just removing one item and waiting a minute to see if anything happened, rather than expecting an immediate change.

The plan worked and the room cleared of the gas. Unfortunately, one of the items had a poison on it and Zephyr passed out from having touched it. Now free to search the area, Lucien didn’t take long to find a way to deactivate the invisible barrier blocking them from moving out of the room.

Down the corridor was a third room, this one containing creatures that attacked the party. After a brief battle, they managed to fell the creatures. The floor then retracted into the walls, revealing a small room below it with a device in the center. They figured out how to activate the device, which turned out to be a transporter of some sort sending them into another room. There, they found the rook required to complete their task, but could find no way out of the room.

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Game 13

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