Game 14

The room the group now stood in had a pool in the corner that turned out to heal and was able to revive Zephyr. In helping him up, Dale discovered the bard was actually a female, not a male. Zephyr turned snitty when his…er…her secret was revealed.

The group realized there was a theme to each of the rooms that started with the first room full of statues – a rogue, a wizard, a fighter, and a bard. Since they had covered the first three in the previous rooms, it meant this room was solved by a bard. So it was they found their way out.

Outside the ruins, Zephyr showed her true colors and ran off. Anya Fairweather the bard found the group and returned with them to the tavern. There, Dale Wilson said goodbye to the group as he wanted to further his training before adventuring again.

A druid by the name of Kael Liadon entered the tavern seeking Valda. He had been sent by her druid sect to order her to return to them to answer for her improper druidic behaviour and sent her on her way back to them.

Kael told the group he was going to go investigate some hobgoblins he’d seen in the area. The group asked to tag along. Anya joined the group as well on a more permanent basis.

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Game 14

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