Game 17

After arriving in Hodgeton, turned out there was a lack of communication on the adventuring group’s part and a mule was left outside tied to a post for the night. The beast was in a foul mood when Lucien tried to take it to the stables and it bit him. Not being all that tolerant for such behaviour, Lucien tried to attack the beast, but his travelling companions wouldn’t allow it. That caused conflict between the group.

Kael offered to take the beast to the stables, using gentleness to coax the animal. On his way back, he spotted a hobgoblin in town, which made no sense to him. He hurried back to his group and relayed the information.

The group went to where Kael had seen the creature and found there were several inside a local warehouse. They destroyed the goblinoids, but realized the group had a serious problem working together as a team.

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Game 17

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