Game 18

After dealing with hobgoblins in a local warehouse, the group returned to the tavern. Samhein Morris told us something had come up and he had to leave, but he would rejoin us as soon as he was able.

While at the tavern, a man came in with the local militia, pointed at Lucien and declared “That’s him!” The guards arrested the rogue. At the jail, Lucien was interrogated by a Boney Dude claiming to be Vicari, who confiscated the Butt ugly amulet in Lucien’s bag. Immediately after taking it, the boney man took off with his personal guard, but not before ordering Lucien’s execution to be carried out in the morning.

The adventurers then formulated a plan and busted Lucien out of jail. The next day, Anya returned to town and faced off with the magistrate about the situation. He agreed to investigate the matter.

The group then headed to Farseek to put some distance between Lucien and Hodgeton until the matter could be resolved.

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Game 18

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