Game 21

Images ca6 w6 hvaImmediately after exiting the sewers, the group disbanded so each could go bath, except Lucien who first wanted to speak with the town official about ridding the sewers of the alligators. The group, minus Lucien, met back at the tavern where D.W. shared a special cake he had purchased with his companions.

Between the ale they were drinking and the alcohol in the cake, the threesome found themselves plastered in short order. Rather than sober up first, they went to see the town magistrate since Lucien had mentioned heading there. The three found the office closed and were directed to the woods where the man was known to fish.

As they entered the woods, Anya stumbled into a portal that suddenly opened in front of her. Her companions raced into it after her. The portal had taken them to a clearing (unknown where) and they wound up seeking help from a centaur and his ladyfriend. The twosome were too upset to help as a giant bird had just taken off with her bracelet.

Lucien, seeking his friends, was tracking them in the woods when he found the open portal and stepped through it, ready for a fight. He rejoined his friends and the group headed out to find the bracelet. Once it was retrieved, they returned it to the centaur Barthello and his lady Anamatrea, who then took the group to a portal that sent them back to Farseek.

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Game 21

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