Game 22

Discovering that Farseek did not have much of a selection of bows and wanting a ranged weapon, Anya suggested the group travel to Pendleton so she could purchase one there. As they prepared to head out of town, they ran into Lucien’s new friend Dave. Through casual conversation, they found Dave was a lifelong friend of Rory Davis, who they had been searching for.

With the new information they learned from Dave, they headed off to Pendleton. Their first stop was the stables followed by a local tavern. They were surprised to find Samhein in the tavern, who was ready to rejoin the group.

While supping, a messenger came in to deliver a rolled up parchment to the tavern owner, Andar Bellman. As the man opened the parchment, all hell broke loose in the tavern as the opened parchment released some sort of curse. Monsters appeared and began attacking the patrons, prompting the adventuring group to defend the helpless people.

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Game 22

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