Game style

This game is set up to be an even mix of RP & encounters. Not all encounters are combat. Sometimes the whole session winds up being roleplaying only. Other times, it can be 100% encounter. The encounters can be untangling a puzzle or solving a dilemna or a dungeon crawl and so on.

There are various plots and subplots going on in game. Some are short term and can be done in a single session while others take a long time to resolve. There are usually several going on at any given time. This gives the players variety and some realism.

Advice to players:
In reality, every person you meet isn’t out to destroy or challenge you. Just because you run into an NPC in game, it doesn’t mean they are an encounter or about to harm you.

Also, every clue you uncover isn’t legit. Sometimes the clues are red herrings, meant to throw you off track.

Lastly, just because you are offered a job, it doesn’t mean you are required to take it. Tenth level adventurers aren’t expected to clean out someone’s basement of ordinary rats and first level adventurers should still be smart enough to turn down a request to kill an adult dragon.

That’s it.

Game style

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