Salvus Expedition

Long ago, during the Great War of Inverno, an expedition was sent by the government of Mellem to find a hidden way into Zavi. It was believed there was a secret portal somewhere in Mellem that led directly to the capital city in Zavi.

Unfortunately, legends change over time. One says the expedition made it to Zavi and stole a great treasure from them and hid it near the portal on that side. Another legend says they managed to return through the portal and hid it on the Mellem side but met their demise before they could reveal it.

Some believe the expedition went to Mossglove to search the caverns there. Others believed they may have investigated Farthenvale back before the city was destroyed. The sage indicated the expedition went in a different direction. The Quiotten Quarry may have been the true location.

If the portal could be found, it might give Mellem the advantage in ending the strife between these warring factions. Of course, the treasure would be nice too…….

Salvus Expedition

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