Halfling scout with a troubled past...


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and there is not enough time in the day to type a 1000 words about D.W.

The accompanying picture is very close to D.W.’s look, except the green vine things…

D.W. is a halfling, his hair is reddish/coppery in color, relatively cut short to keep his hair from being a detriment to his scouting skills. He stands at just above a yard tall, and is a very tanned, almost scrappy, looking halfling. He moves with some fluidity and grace, yet his toned body belies that there is more to D.W. than agile movements.

His newly tailored leather armor gives him freer movement to move around and fits him like a glove. It is a bark colored brown, giving him a little bit of a chance to blend in with the trees. His skills with the short bow are improving as the finely crafted bow seems to be his weapon of choice in a fight, allowing him to move around the battlefield with ease.

The look in the picture is a look he reserves when he is facing hobgoblins or deeply troubled about something. That is one thing about D.W. is he seems very stoic, that his mind has two personalities, one that seems flippant yet very distant that he would prefer to be anywhere but there and the intense personality when focused on the heat of battle.

D.W. shares some qualities of the elves, and those that are of the elven communities will recognize some of D.W.’s skills and approaches to problems as elven approaches, and the teachings instilled to the elves at a young age. D.W. knows an extensive elvish vocabulary, as well as halfling and common.

Another thing that is off-putting about D.W. is the fact that most halflings seem to be about community, harmonizing, and get along with most civilized people. D.W. seems more attracted to the lone wolf angle, he divulges little about himself and doesn’t really wear his emotions on his sleeve. At best D.W. is slightly withdrawn, at worst he is in his own world.



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