Kael Liadon

A Half-elf druid


Kael is about 5’ 10" tall, and about 156 lbs. He has green eyes and dirty blonde hair. His hair is long and part of it is tied back into a ponytail. He is also slightly tan. (This is not exactly Kael, but it will do)

Kael also wears an ivory ring with a blue sapphire in the center. The ivory is carved to look like vines wrap around the finger and hold the gem in place.


Shapeshifts into several forms. He spends most of his travelling in his shapeshifted form, but shifts back to his natural form of half-elf when approaching towns or someone who might be frightened of his forms.

Kael will go into towns and cities when he has to but he prefers to be out in the woods. Kael was also a travelling messenger for druid sects, and might continue to be a messenger on occasion.

Here are some of his current forms:

Clouded leopard

Golden eagle 2

Kael Liadon

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