Game 26

Lucien was sitting in the local tavern waiting for the rest of his party to join him when a half-elf sitting next to him began a strange conversation with him, talking about beautiful things possessions and other people coveting them and how one must destroy those things if one can’t keep them away from others. Confused as all get out, the rogue relayed the conversation to D.W. and Kael when they arrived.

Samhein Morris departed the group permanently, having matters to resolve on his own.

Anya didn’t return to the tavern, so the group went searching for her. They soon found out the half-elf who had spoken with Lucien earlier had snatched her earlier, claiming she belonged to him.

Having witnessed the act, a half-orc fighter had pursued the kidnappers before losing them in the woods and then returned to town to seek a tracker to find them again. He worked with the adventuring group to find and save Anya.

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Game 26

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