Game 30

While Lucien set in place all the plans for the upcoming “wedding”, a set up to draw out his newest enemy, the rest of the group worked on getting their attire ready.

Boxing Day (see Holidays) rolled around and everyone exchanged gifts.

The day before the wedding was to take place, utter chaos ruled as a massive quake erupted. An energy force rolled across the surface of the ground, crushing everything in it’s path. Thanks to Kael’s eagle form, he was able to watch it coming while the rest of the adventuring group evacuated the town through several random portals some mages had cast.

As the group stepped through the portal, seconds before it collapsed, they realized Lucien had not gone through with them. He had last been seen near a different one and it was their hope he’d managed to get through in time.

Anya, Kael, and D.W. escorted the 142 survivors with them to a new location where they began building a new town to live in. The new town was given the name Kaldaran.

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Game 30

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